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  1. himself


  2. Choi Yuna

    So what the korean guy was talking about was the thousand years of death, weebs should know what this is

  3. Jessin Jis

    He had so many buckets of water in his gender chest

  4. syed haider

    And why pewds draco Malfoy version of recommended in 2021

  5. nicksttrs

    I haven't told my mom about this yet but now I got a big chunk of change HEY MA! I EAT MATTRESSES! But this is fake as hell. Don't think one time the camera caught her swallowing they cut the camera everytime..

  6. True Love and other fables LIVE


  7. Su L.

    8:43 that's a great joker laugh

  8. 123 8008

    You really can see privilege written all over her

  9. Juninho Campos


  10. ItalianChef

    Pewds has the most ridiculous reaction of all time

  11. mary freegirl


  12. Jordan GamingYT

    speedrun plsss

  13. majo0 88

    i felt so uncomfortable when they kissed

  14. عبدالاله احمد

    bro fist four for u

  15. ZelGin 01

    9:47 queen Elizabeth rn: 😐

  16. a A

    Its just a rabbit

  17. Jason Kumfer

    Pewds in the new update you can use fortune on gold and iron and get more

  18. Percy the Faceless one

    It’s been 2 years and this is still legendary

  19. Violet Review

    Whenever I think about how my dad has been absent and drug addict for years, I watch this video and am suddenly grateful for his absence...

  20. Roastydut543

    Me BEFORE: I'am sure that this is gonna be full of hate to Dhar Mann. (PewDiePie throwing hate and swears)

  21. Shadow Verse

    Now I wanna see Pewds do a music video about Axolotls 😁

  22. 4210劉宇辰

    Brown axolototl spawns in caves and pink ones spawn in seas or lakes

  23. Gokoye

    Lol dhar mann fans, chill out. Can't you guys take a joke? If you put content out in the public, prepare to get your shit reacted on

  24. Dương Bình

    international anthem of peace

  25. Subham

    Tseries vs pewdiepie

  26. Isfar Tausif

    16:11 This man changed his accent 3 times within the matter of 10 secs


    how much do you earn on GEproms PewDiePie? if you may ask

  28. Zarren Cybulski

    He missed axolotls

  29. Cris Le

    Sorry I unsubscribe to pewdipie

  30. Agent Ryan

    2:40 yes

  31. Sharanya

    First he named a creeper ingvar, now an axolotl engvar. The creativity is beautiful.

  32. Vashanavi Patil

    2022 vision GEproms channel you RIP date 4/3/2022

  33. Cubix Rube

    Poor guy, I really wish that he finds someone that actually respects him instead of having to deal with a selfish and lazy girl.


    Pewdiepie the name that you harvest is called "glow lichen"


    Did you finally find it

  36. hanzo

    #13 on Trending LOL

  37. Nidhi Hibare

    find them in the ocean

  38. Soul Seagull

    He just had to look at the game sounds to the right and see that there was an Axolotl

  39. BLARING manx

    7:55 gave me seratonin

  40. ¿ヴェノム

    Nooo the desktop

  41. ZombieSlayer1467

    he sounds exactly the same

  42. Tropical

    did he just call me a « fish »

  43. Alexiaxx

    Your literally a 30 year old man who plays fortnite all day . Your payment is like 5 dollars per video LMAO please don’t come for people who actually do positive stuff

    1. Alexiaxx

      @Just a Random Person actually this was a old account

    2. Just a Random Person

      Aw look, a roblox kid tryna roast 😭

    3. Moon Deccans

      He doesn't play Fortnite lol. He is just criticizing Dhar's video which you Stans are too soft to take and label it as hate. Also, you shouldn't be here cuz GEproms is 13+

  44. Ulaan almaaz

    Hey Pewdiepie Cocomelon is 113 milloin subscribers

  45. gruby_chuj_urs

    In Eastern Europe we dont use educational facilities to study sciences, linguistics etc., we use them to educate ourselves on how to become a drunk.

  46. RFighterFXyt

    7:42 I Laugh So Hard

  47. Dio Santana

    Best part: Colt still smashed

  48. clarita

    no offense but i know an artist who wrote her own song at 12 and she had better lyrics than jacob's song.... "Her mama named her Lucky on a starlit night. A rabbit foot in her pocket. She dances in spite Of the fact that she's different, And yet she's the same." Like u cud say he's young... but it's not the age, also i know it's not the same for everybody but why did his manager allow the.. song. How can u allow that to happen? is negativity the path we're taking.. eye--

  49. IT4G


  50. Pink Banana

    Opera gx for life!

  51. David M

    "kommen Sie, kommen Sie"

  52. Hakim Pratama

    Pie, look. Cocomelon now 113 milion suscriber

  53. Jess A

    Loved the silent karaoke at the end. They make an awesome team.

  54. TaharProd

    ok u got me when u spoke about the pewdiepie wallpaper

  55. drexive

    i thought he made this video already

  56. Dee Bea

    I think you had more water buckets in your Ender Chest,! 😅 emerald is rare but mostly because it can mostly be found in mountain - if you silk touch the ore blocks can be cool for decorations , emerald block etc less rare than the emerald block - if you put Shulker boxes in your Ender Chest you can fill the Shulkers boxes while you’re out on adventures, and then have more space in your inventory - I have heard you can make your item frames glow too !

  57. Rip Mixer

    If you listen to older rock songs like system of a down this sounds like the song sugar.

  58. Normal guy on YouTube

    Dhar Mann kids come fight me

  59. Kaeyix

    Great subtitles for sign language

  60. Stolen Kill


  61. thatiparthi suchitreddy

    Even if i'am Indian I personally hate t series

  62. Shaun Dyess

    Okay the chickens were a good idea.

  63. Milk

    He's definitely gonna get the rare axolotl

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  64. ¿ヴェノム

    First title of this video is "DONT bring your Minecraft Auxolotl to the Nether"

  65. Scoth Raizen Oraiz

    Axolitl can be found commonly on wide see or in oceans you should go to wide sea like oceans.👍

  66. Dhias Naufal

    I challenge u to collect all the animals in minecraft...

  67. senogic

    he forgot ake

  68. Hashtag12456

    You can make massive dripstones if you keep placing them on the end

  69. Raahul S Nayar


  70. Andrei Guintu

    well recommeded

  71. Tommaso Maruffi

    I know it looks bad, but the ores' textures have been changed so that colorblind people could distinguish them apart, rather than seeing the same ore shape over and over again without knowing if it's iron or redstone etc.

  72. Parsia Omran

    12:12 Another one bites to dust... Queen + Pewdiepie

  73. David C-H


  74. The Encouragement Kid

    I did genuinely wonder about taking axlykotsls to the nether 😆

  75. somaditya

    gkkhdfaweid af sda fa fdas da as d asd adas das das das da sda sdas d asd a

  76. Ace Lolzz

    Brave Browser is better ;)

  77. がんばるせいやのサブ