Unluckiest People Caught in 4K


4,1 მლნ ნახვები32 000

    wow so many unlucky people bros
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    1. Sergio H

      Lmao. That woman in the second part of the video. Lmaooooooo

    2. Jonathan Hughes

      Styrofoam protects the sides but not the flat sides

    3. Grejdan Mihai

      now i understand the dislikes. take a huge one from me too. for the first clip !

    4. Ren

      I feel good by just watching this😂. Thank you pewds!

    5. wowalinbie

      2:00 that cop is a piece of shit though. Lady was being what people call, someone who thinks they deserve a little respect, and the cop was someone called, a bully harassing the public so he can get hard at night and beat his girlfriend.

    6. Will Tyrrell

      Police aren't crazy in America there heroes.

    7. prime shrimp

      Omg the dolphin 🐬 one was hilarious 😭😂

    8. Kevin Kooijman

      this was posted on my birthday

    9. Austin Cole

      The old lady wasn’t infringing on anyone’s rights and that cop is enforcing laws which simply exist to make their department $$$.

    10. Mrudul Pawar

      Last clip was from India. Such things do happen.

    11. -neko-san!!

      "stop being racism" *we did it bois and girls and everyone in between* *we solved racism*

    12. شهاب عالواني

      انتا وين وابو فلة وين شكد فرق بين الثنين

    13. Sweet Cake9898

      Karen got Arrested in 99k

    14. Swagooze

      the cat in the picture isnt ded he just wants him too come back for another fight just so you guys know

    15. Bario IDL

      the wet train made my day

    16. Mark Playz

      you should do a house tour

    17. Janelle Orcherton

      Okay but that train one...Schindler list anyone?... damn got me so sad so instantly.

    18. Samaria Moudachirou

      HA cute thinks that lady getting arrested is crazy? Wait till he sees the other shit

    19. Ben Taylor

      With the parcels yes they do it on purpose worked with parcels and people don't care, I tired to be careful with them but everyone around me just throwing and walking over them

    20. Khalil Mosher

      I hate you PewDiePie my friend hates you

      1. inná

        Khali Mosher

      2. Richard

        Khali Mosher

    21. Levant

      Btw guys the first cat wasn't dead, he was just at the vet i think

    22. Jay Alamo

      the train video remind me of something people would not like to be remind of.

    23. not kerry stolcenberg

      You built your closet wtf Next level Swede

    24. Yakob Somane

      its not even 4k

    25. Harsit Srivastava

      Karma want to know your location

    26. Karman narang

      Indian railways never disappoints😂😂

    27. Zehan

      Indian Railways scam to make you travel in first class AC.

    28. BJV animates

      7:12 Oooooo.... Right in the gut

    29. jocknomore

      You are white you are rich. You are a racist. Own it.

      1. jocknomore

        @1Roflmao Sarcasm does not play well in written form

      2. 1Roflmao

        That makes no sense

    30. jocknomore

      She was not black so that did not happen

      1. jocknomore

        @1Roflmao Sarcasm

      2. 1Roflmao

        Who are you talking about?

    31. Louise M

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 genuine shhhhesh

    32. CEF

      You are the brother of Bo Burnham?

    33. Alfieplayzzz

      4k hmm No me no have 4k lol

    34. Lung C Ops

      Man are you faking reactions? Cmon

      1. 1Roflmao

        I think he is 6:44

    35. Jan Mischa

      8:03 Im sorry is this some sort of american roof construction im to eurpean to understand?

    36. Kenneth Turner

      07:40 Amazon delivery trucks.

    37. Kenneth Turner

      The police aren't crazy in America, they are required to follow the law or else get fired or arrested themselves. Some counties don't care if you sign your speeding ticket or not. Some counties in America you must sign the ticket or the police are REQUIRED to arrest you and bring you in.

    38. notqwerty6k

      how is it 4k if pewds is in 144p

    39. Gaven Draper

      And the people go pop

    40. Gaven Draper

      Building go boom boom

    41. Felipe Mejia

      the 2 clip was not unlucky that was just a karen

    42. Full Disadulation-DMK

      Train bath all the way!

    43. But why

      Здравствуйте как дела?

    44. Jake

      The police officer was being fair lmao

    45. Journey of Life

      that first video :'(

    46. Xenophon

      So you're telling me, if I get a speeding ticket in Europe I can just drive away with no repercussions?

      1. Mathias Eriksson

        First of all Europe i 49 different countries with diffrent laws and police. Second most of the countries would probably send you a higher priced ticket in the mail or send you to jail.

    47. Billy Garcia

      You should do a video where you talk about Bitcoin being legal currency in El Salvador 😂


      That cat made me cry


      That cat made me cry

    50. MircoDHD

      3:04 Make your own judgement 😂

    51. Reo Thomas

      *10:09** Wake up passengers station has arrived*

    52. sand


    53. SometimesTurtle

      As much as that old lady was a Karen, we can't let it be okay for our cops to instigate further violence because they dislike somebody. It's going to lead to unfair situations happening for innocent people as much as for Karens. This guy could have easily said, okay mam, sign it then. (successful de-escalation complete at this moment). Which, if you don't know, is SUPPOSED to be the mandate for our cops. Instead, they like to ramp things up, falsely, even, and use it for reason to exact personal vendetta upon people (sometimes even for the smallest things). So, in this example, I am disgusted more with the cop than the Karen, he should have bided his honor and oath and respected the crazy old bat.

      1. Jake

        Dude gave her MULTIPLE chances to sign it.

    54. matthew.o5

      Police aren't crazy in America, Pewds. We just have a bunch of morons

    55. JaykoFPS

      Guys it’s okay the first video, the white cat was sleeping it’s okay, it was posted on a Chinese Tiktok and the OP explained after it got 100million likes

    56. CrabbbZ

      Amazon busses be like:"I dont have friends, i have family"

    57. TheAdvertisement

      8:10 Never seen someone spell "yup" as "yulp" before.

    58. symshark

      Me: sees the title Also me: Hey the video is in 1080p

    59. TheAdvertisement

      4:05 He turns off the camera too, which means he might know then that he's screwed lmao.

    60. Darth Nox

      Woe ye who captures an unlucky personage in 480p

    61. RuthlessXodre

      the tile should be name, Unluckiest People Caught in 1080p

    62. Das Krümelmonster

      "Unluckiest People" First clip is with cats...

    63. George Colville

      Yay! the Weyer Bros made it to a Pewds video 9:51

    64. Confederate Jack

      Pssst, shipping packages are abused in the warehouses. Falling over on the porch is nothing compared to how packages are treated in private. In America, at least

    65. W31rDb01

      7:56 when you download any game on your computer

    66. figctii

      8:18 this isn't even happening to me but it just makes me so frustrated and mad.

    67. Porter_Nolan1TTV “Porter_Nolan1TTV”

      where is the 4K ?????????????????

    68. GavinGamesHD

      Pewdiepie: is Swedish Americans: Wouldn’t that make you… IKEA?

    69. Vasilis Senpai

      And then you have me, staying frozen at the end for my BroFist and everything goes black and white as leafs falling

    70. doggy boah

      the first one hurts like not havin any ikea or meatballs

    71. Kornelija Earthling

      Cops in America are on such a power trip. Like just MAIL the damn ticket. She had an expired license; nowhere on this planet should that warrant PHYSICAL HARM and a chase that endangers people. So stupid.

    72. Gauche Adlai

      Stein's Gate microwave

    73. Evelyn Okay

      You can't out Karen the cops

    74. Naghul's vlogs

      10.18 indian railways Indian bros gang like here

      1. Naghul's vlogs


    75. Melindusfindus

      Do Americans build their houses out cardboard?

    76. Bruna Fonseca Maciel

      4k 4weeks 4M views pewdiepie hacker or genius?

    77. Chantul Viswara

      6:28 damn 😂😂

    78. Adam Brooks

      Thats not the police being "crazy in America" lol. She ran!

      1. Adam Brooks

        @Emily Krey we should blame George Floyd for somethings yes. Sjpild he have died, no. The man who killed him is resisting arrest. But largely in America based on actual studies lol people do not fear police. Get nevous, maybe, but fear for their lives, absolutely not. Stop lumping all cops into one area and stop lumping "people like me" into the same

      2. Emily Krey

        @Adam Brooks yes let’s blame George Floyd. I love Felix but I really forget how toxic his fans are like damn. God forbid a black man used marijuana but when white people do it it should be legalized. Idc if he was resisting arrest no human being deserves to die like that it’s like you ppl have no heart. A cop has no right being judge, jury, and executioner. And yes, people do fear for their lives because you never know if you’re going to be pulled over by a decent human being or a trigger happy demon. I lost all hope when that one cop shot a soldier in the US army and said “I thought it was my taser”. We all should be resisting the police this is bs and a direct violating against amendment eight in the constitution “no cruel or unusual punishment”.

      3. Adam Brooks

        @Emily Krey people in America, black or white do not "fear for their lives" when with police. That just isn't factually correct, yes some do, I am sure that George Floyd did. He was also high out of his fricking mind and resisting arrest

      4. Emily Krey

        The reason they don’t run in Europe like Felix stated is because, in Europe, they don’t have to fear for their lives. But here it’s a different story, especially if you aren’t white...

    79. HorrorManic

      i cried when i saw the cats :(

    80. Cade Goebel

      i'm still heartbroken by the cat 😭

    81. Caiden Garza

      who remembers when he played the walking dead 8 years ago...?

    82. Pedro Campos

      Pewds: "i know police is crazy in america, this will never happen in anywhere else" Me, living in Brazil: ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙) u don't know shit, ma dude

    83. LIT

      Captain America shield is what happens when you wanna do something cool but don't do your research lol.

    84. Nathanael Keller

      those amazon truck drivers are just having fun at work, nothing wrong with that

    85. MrSkoops

      Felix: I love assembling furniture Fans: :0 Swedish IKEA :0 :0 Also Felix: *Hi I would like to report a racism*

    86. powdered_cows

      quality train wash

    87. BaDie GaminG

      Last one was indian 😂

    88. The BlackCatzz

      That reminds me of my cat that died well I'm crying now well still recognize pewdiepie as my god

      1. The BlackCatzz

        On GEproms not my actual god

    89. Ryouhei Ch.

      The two train clips were the funniest for me

    90. weonlylaughhere

      Uh...Tylenol that puts you to sleep? Like opiates? 😂

      1. Flxsh



      That cat tho

    92. Jordan Matthew

      6:35 I'm literally eating champurado

    93. Fantasic Fables

      The first video destroyed my soul. 😢 I see... you make us sad so we watch the rest of the video to feel happy again. Well played my man, well played.

    94. ᴅɪᴘ ᴏꜰꜰɪᴄɪᴀʟ

      10:29 this video is taken by india ............love from india

    95. Daniel Lucas

      So that's why two of my TVs I ordered online were fucking smashed.

    96. Steven Jimmy

      Drive a fast car. Don’t talk to cops unless you knew them before they were cops. That’s how you deal with cops in America.

    97. Rudy Gaming

      PewDiePie X Mr beast PewDeast

    98. Christiana Le

      My gut is telling me about the old lady is being a KAREN

    99. Tiffany Newcomb

      That carrot was the story of my life. All of my carrots in my garden look exactly like that 😆

    100. Bulldog63

      4:47 that’s on joe Biden