Someone Hackedf Me And Stole My Private Hidden Videos..


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    1. Vijay Rajasthani Gaming


    2. potatopouf

      edger is so cute

    3. DoubleM

      all comments about his comment about the anime meme, love it. xD

    4. Bimmy Beutron

      is hackedf swedish? can someone translate?

    5. Spike

      ah yes, "meet the marshalls"

    6. CEF

      You are the brother of Bo Burnham?


      One pece. Muda muda muda muda Muda muda muda muda Muda muda muda muda muda

    8. Madman Commentary

      "is that one piece?" One piece fandom: So you have chosen death Mha fandom: So you have chosen death

    9. Madman Commentary

      Pewdiepie has done it once again!!!! here comes all the mha shoto simps

    10. Cole Romero

      I swear, every time I see Edgar, my heart melts. He’s just 2 cute. Wish I had him Felix.

    11. The WIERD Gamer

      I love typos in pewds videos lol

    12. Avery Woodlief

      does pewds have a discord?

    13. Cyan


    14. Daniel Cruz


    15. fictitious_pirate

      2:10 I would be legitimately scared if I heard my mum say this... because she is actually dead

    16. Banana Man

      when he said is that one piece to mha

    17. EU Fate

      Bro you spelt the title wrong

    18. Briccio Alesna

      When she flip the knife. You saw it right? Hehe


      Always t series is better than you


      its my hero academia lol😂

    21. The_Shadows02

      Really did just say that those ugly hats are Australian 😠 those nasty things are English I swear!

    22. Matt Smith

      Pewds. I have never unironically facepalmed before. One piece...

    23. Aliya

      Tittle:*Hackedf* Pewdiepie:am i joke to u?

    24. Karol Bermúdez

      that smosh food wars joke really got me, it was amazing

    25. MEME SHOP

      Who is here after Mind= blown🤨🤯🤯😂

    26. 森林ヴィンセント

      Ahahah : put on some pants please 5:52 ... obviously, leggings gives you 100% more views.. it's like RGB

    27. regorllerref


    28. Anime Savvy

      Pewdiepie: “Is that One Piece” Us One Piece fans: “Should I tell him or...”

    29. Redfox96

      As an American I go HaHa at your American jokes

    30. Sukhdeep Rawat

      Wow someone 'hackedf' him

    31. ʀᴇᴠᴇʀsᴇᴅ

      Maybe if you didn’t add f to Hacked, maybe you wouldn’t get hacked

    32. Abdul hakeem

      Is that one piece Sh*t he is an idiot its hero academia

    33. Beth ioo

      The girl with the knife definitely fucks

    34. surprised pikachu gaming


    35. fahyn. kopiko

      yes, i just need your videos to cure and brightened my life. thanks pewds.

    36. Aitor Morales Fernandez

      fradah wath pawdiapa 0:08

    37. Arran Chisholm

      Hackedf oops

    38. karim


    39. Cr7 Officials

      thanks for 10 subscribes now target is 1500 subscribers I hope you will subscribe me love you all guys!! my channel:-@UC3WGrIviVYwCZ7IiPzuivXw

    40. Curator

      What country was Edgar born in? I can't remember where he was living when he got him

    41. The Nuub

      title: Someone Hackedf Me....

    42. wow


    43. Mostly peaceful

      I bet edgars brain would taste good with some salt.

    44. Guile G.

      Knife girl was cute. She cut my heart out and stole it... Can you tell her to give it back please? 😞💔 P.S I love Edgar 🐶🥺

    45. Guile G.

      You would start the video with that EXTREMELY unfunny tiktok 🤦🏼

      1. Newton John Gallano



      Who Indian are here🤘🤗🥰

    47. cscasey08

      leggings are pants :'(

    48. Dukeland

      12:43 My hero academia. Your welcome

    49. Coll

      the f in the title has me shocked

    50. HRUDAY

      Pewd's roasting MHA, MHA fandom be like: nani shindeiru (ง ͠° ͟ʖ #)ง

    51. Obeeron

      Feels like the "is that one piece ?" was just a 200+IQ pewd's strat to destroy the yt algorithm with comments

    52. Keelie Smith

      i haven’t watched pewdiepie much in the past few years, and i come back to see fridays with pewdiepie and we’re all bros again. beautiful.

    53. 1

      here before he corrects title

    54. 500 подписчиков без видеo

      How many people love grandparents? ✋👍💟

    55. nora


      1. Aymaan Zarif

        I thought it was boku no pico

    56. SulSal productions

      the first one i watched on reddit but i didn't listen to the audio still funny

    57. Flint Gamerz

      Discord link plz


      Get The About PewDiePie Katana Welcome Others Skin You Minecraft Animation So Nice

    59. Григорий Мохорт

      Does the ring cost 300$?

    60. Ewan chris

      Mr.pewdiepie if your seeing this please correct the f on the word hacked which you must have typed in hurry of uploading....

    61. Slyfer_loves_Gaming 2007

      “Wtf is this anime I’ve seen it so many times is that one piece”

    62. * Skellicatt *

      12:43 The anime is called 'My hero academia' for anyone who's curious

    63. finleybea

      the intro was a little bit to nostalgic :,)

    64. imRetarded


    65. Lorraine B

      3:40 LMAOOOO

    66. MPactGamer

      Is that one piece???

    67. Burke McCabe


    68. Caleb Sanchez

      This video Legit went by in 2 minutes

    69. Xathrall (Poseidon)

      I am a proffesionel hackerf and hecked piwdipes vidos thank for listern

    70. random clips 444

      haha i put the first clip in one of my vids great choice brother

    71. Daddy Shark

      Everything is one piece

    72. Veeshy

      pov you're reading the comments and almost all of them are about my hero academia and one piece

    73. BLUE_DEVIL 415

      U did not just say one piece 😭! That is absurd 😭! That shitty anime can’t top one piece and it’s called my hero academia

    74. Nicholas Kent

      its definitely one piece

    75. Mohamed Dilshad

      12:44 Its MHA pewds

    76. ZoeyPupper

      did anyone else think that the ring at 3:50 was a number lock ring so your girlfriend will never leave you?

    77. ♔

      2:04 PEDRO

    78. Big Orange


    79. Big Orange

      Pewdiepie watched that knife with such confidence though.

    80. flaming vortex433

      im not worried that pewds mistook mha for one piece but im worried at how the mha fandom will react cause...the mha fandom, thats why.

    81. Darshan

      Comment section - Is ThaT oNE PieCE Including me :)

    82. Happy Lemon

      You KNOW somethings wrong when he missspells

    83. Quinn Lynn Paton

      "Is that One Piece?" How could you... and you have a samurai sword... AAH HEART BREAK. JK it is MHA (My Hero Academia) / BNHA (Boku No Hero Academia).

    84. Erjon

      "is that ine piece" the disrespect...

    85. oof oof on rblx

      hackedf lol

    86. ScaryMosquito MX

      Ese pinche intro me trajo buenos recuerdos de 2015 :(

    87. Penguins Da best

      Everyone talking about one peice while I'm here thinking about why felix said the Mitchell's vs the machines was meet the Marshall 🤔

      1. Penguins Da best

        @Ali Maisam same it was really good and had alot of meme references here and there

      2. Ali Maisam

        I was just thinking that that movie isn't being talked about when it was sooooooo good like I underestimated it before watching it

    88. Colton Crawley

      Can we take a moment to appreciate Edgar’s appearance in this video and he gets his own little reaction box

    89. TECh

      Now I understand why GEproms added the "Clip" feature.

    90. Richie Witcher

      I have to say Pewds, I like how well you are keeping your facial hair trimmed.

    91. Pranjal Tripathi class 8th B

      Aah yes someone hacked"f" ur account *Understandable have a great day* 🦊

    92. Pranjal Tripathi class 8th B

      Aah yes someone hacked"f" you *Understandable have a great day* 🦊

    93. Cringey Kevin

      you can tell how much felix has matured @ 5:52

    94. Hert Bert

      boku no hero / my hero academy pretty good anime

    95. Owen Northam

      Pausing at exactly 4:48 looks like the you receive i recive meme He also makes a funny face

    96. Yafet Fekade

      Pewds:*laughing about his nokia d*ck pic Edgar: 8:06

    97. Masaki Kuroda

      The ring killed me, giving it to marzia hhaha

    98. Green Arrow


    99. englishrain

      Is Pewds growing his beard back?

    100. Bubbz

      Yakuza meme in a pewds video is the best thing.