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    1. Matheew _

      Wait, is 5 + 7 13? . . . . . . . . Always has been.

    2. Erik Ovesen

      Like Goal: 746,496

    3. Custmzir

      My teachers where wrong 7+5=13

    4. R Penguin

      *Insert comment here *


      What the f*** does that mean? 5+7=13 that's sick bro how did you calculate that, or it's just pewdiepie power of changing the life math, physics, chemistry, biology, man I really don't know whats happening and I feel bad for the 12 because pewdiepie removed it from the math dictionary.

    6. SunlessNether

      OK but the poopdie outro doesn't need to go so hard

    7. Le Flâneur


    8. Caroline Hall

      13:30 her hand getting stuck in the mask is so awkward and hilarious. A beautiful moment in American history.

    9. J H

      Old intro, and a brofist at the end, chill I might have to watching pews again.. for nostalgia.

    10. Izopac Gaming

      Good I saw today is a Friday

    11. Joshua M

      Does it count if it is a spiral? Because I’ve seen sht longer than 20cm for sure.

    12. AzureFolf

      about the poo thing... that a HGE lie about the longest poo, even if you just look it up on google, youll find the truth

    13. Xiximite

      7 +5 IS NOT 13 LOL

    14. bruh moment

      The guy who looks like Omni man actually voices Omni man

    15. MIKA미카

      14:20 says the minimalist

    16. Lonely teddy

      can i pls get a shoutout from you pls bro pls

    17. Frost

      FRIDAYS WITH PEWDIEPIE! That was music to my ears. TAKE ME BACK! 2016, 2014 I don’t even care what year.

    18. Logan Marin

      Fun fact The person who voices Omni-Man plays J. Jonah Jameson


      GEproms Indonesia ❤️

    20. Павел Прахов

      Eventually he has ears

    21. Aleggbry '-'

      10:02 they played by the same person.

    22. Ekaterina Tarabakina

      Subscribe to Маэстро he cool videos

    23. Garrett

      That light green Gildan he rocking

    24. f: amigo

      hola xd

    25. Imma Billie Eilish Fanboy!


    26. R S4/9

      Falou o cara que conseguiu encontrar tigre na Amazônia…. Uau!!!!

    27. Light & shadow

      Girls: Boys: Southerners: Hahahahahah

      1. Jabari Cambridge


    28. Heavy gaming

      Officially coco melon has more subs than pewdiepie coco melon has 113M subs and pewdiepie has 110M

    29. Phil Williams

      Go to the airport

    30. No

      Respect to the red haired man! You just made my day..

    31. Caio Rafael

      Guys, I don't know what are you passing today, but I know a thing that Jesus knows your problems and he has a plan for your life . He allowed you to see this commentary .

    32. dark moon-brawl stars anybody subcribe me please

      ᶜᵃⁿ ᴵ ᵍᵉᵗ ¹ ˢᵘᵇᶜʳᶦᵇᵉʳ ᶠʳᵒᵐ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ ᵖˡᵉᵃˢᵉ 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    33. HAL 9000

      I watched a bit of this video and I didn't understand who he responds to. Any help?

    34. No Aim helper

      Y do people drink gfuel we all know you snort it

    35. Shity

      I forgive you

    36. marelinx

      Bro r ur eyes ok????

    37. CEF

      You are the brother of Bo Burnham?

    38. Oni鬼

    39. shubhang om

      PewDiePie retake the intro like min 10 times

    40. Siniplier


    41. Caio Rafael

      Guys, I don't know what are you passing today, but I know a thing that Jesus knows your problems and he has a plan for your life . He allowed you to see this commentary .

    42. Mohammed Dar

      Sive changed the girl’s teeth and made them look whiter at 10:52, guess he does’nt like yellow teeth lol

    43. Vegard Nilsen

      Did you make them not send to norway?

    44. Astro Cosmos

      Who Thought he will respond to Cocomelon ?

      1. Astro Cosmos

        I am waiting for Cocomelon vs tseries

    45. ghostkid124

      Pewdipie is short for the smal PP he has

    46. DefaultDance OnCrack

      Pewds and gamers when they realize they've probably cut down the global life expectancy for there generations exponentially by drinking funny gamer liquids

    47. Cunk Dunkin

      3:01 Shit I wish I knew about world records 7 years ago

    48. zev bronshteyn

      Your videos are so boring

      1. Anti Gamer film v2

        Why do you watch them then?

    49. Umar Shah

      That means if you buy 10,000 you'll get 10,000 more making it a lifetime supply

    50. PersonThatBreathes

      word of the day: ascetic

    51. Yoshi John Irgendwas

      I love how he's being serious for just two seconds in advertisements and then jumping back to childish Pewds immediately

    52. Child Emperor

      Subs:into 10 of triggered insaan But views:1\10 of triggered Insaan🤣

    53. anu radha

      Cocomelon beat u

    54. CaXoda

      This video is the reason i bought gfuel



    56. JustLizzy22

      Why is he so big on GEproms

    57. Nick DeGugs

      Getting tired of having no controversies against you and have to title your video as if there’s another one just for views on your worthless reaction videos? You haven’t changed a bit since I unsubbed you in 2017 ya clickbait bastard.

    58. Raul Moutinho

      Idiota, só sabe copiar o Felipe Neto

    59. Raul Moutinho

      Seu bosta

    60. Dominik Wusa

      Why dont you Drink water?

    61. VB - 03GV 958791 Arnott Charlton PS


    62. VB - 03GV 958791 Arnott Charlton PS

      I hate you for hate dar man

    63. Sundaexzeina

      Well I have manners but I just have to say something bro you hate on people for views what’s ur problem

    64. USSTiger _CD

      Basic math 2 evens=even, 2 odds=even 1 even and 1 odd=odd

    65. lea hadi

      didnt u say in the dhar man video “who does giveaways anymore that was like 10 years ago”

    66. Jensen Jorshina

      I hate your vidios stop hating on others

      1. DeadShot

        Then don't watch

    67. Clara Jacobi

      7+5=13 -facts

    68. Clarke Fiedler


    69. pritam mahapatro9

      Where's the book review peds

    70. Siti Nurulamalina Junaidi

      i used to like you and sub you right away. since you react to dhar man video with negative comment, sorry to say i unsub you right away and i dislike your action. 😴

    71. Kenzi Greene

      Bro your vids suck I hate you stop making fun of Dahrr man

    72. Corrianna Copley

      Why does he sound like that 😂 eww it’s annoying

      1. Honey bee Cindy

        Why lol

    73. Loose Knaught

      7 shirts ? That like bleep hundred dollars... But the benefit

    74. Alex Lian

      We need pewds to react to joe two more times so we can fill all four corners

    75. Shnawk

      $56 for a black t-shirt bro no way I wouldn't pay for that even if it was 60000000 threads hand woven by ghandi in the hyperbolic time chamber

    76. Okamisamaa

      I have seen a legitimate viking poo i think it was the oldest specimen in the country it was at a viking centre and we were kids on a field trip. We were all so hyped to see this turd and I have to say when the museum attendant brought out literally like an old takeaway Tupperware not even a nice one and had this old crusty small poo on a napkin inside it. It was underwhelming. I think because we were like ten we heard like "oldest poo" "viking poo" we had visions of grandeur for this poo. Anyways..

    77. Cory Mullins

      $450 on 7 shirts and you're good

    78. Ant Gas

      "Pewdiepie Flavor best Flavor" Me: drinking KSI Flavor😅🤤 Kidding

    79. Betty Lynn Jackson

      sORRY DUDE LIKE UGH YES I BELIEVE YOU DUH..................

    80. AdeefLoL _

      2:28 The secret: He's deleted league of legends

      1. dyabmtrk63 official

        and discord

    81. Kim Jong- Un

      Answer this comment otherwise I'll blow up your house!

      1. abraxas

        @Kim Jong- Un i love you im a BIG fat fan 😍

      2. Kim Jong- Un


      3. abraxas

        kim jong un


      Pewds is just uncomfortable the whole video after after he heard of the coco leaked thing .

    83. Twenty3 Cookies

      10:03 isn’t that guy the voice actor of Omni man?

    84. anthibz


    85. Alex Director

      Friday's with PewDiePie is back, baby!

    86. Whisky Whims

      Don't have to explain taking days off bro :)

    87. Hafsah Kanwal

      You do know that the voice actor of Omniman is J.K Simmons, right?

    88. V the purple fish dish


    89. Antasma1

      Response to what? Clickbait?

      1. BassBoost'OR'

        The give away

    90. AJGaeming

      "It's not joe biden's husband, it's joe biden's husband, listen you can clearly hear he says joe biden's husband, not joe biden's husband!" Am I having a stroke or something?

    91. M Bekhan

      11:00 Never that the worst thing to do in austria even worse i think u meant belgium

    92. ally J

      Idk bout yall but i work at a store that sells sodas and i restocked the special pewds gfuel i had no idea we sold it lmaooo

    93. SEVEN

      BTS BIOT

    94. SprinklyBagel77

      thanks pewds for releasing this vid on the day of my graduation. been a fan since 2009. wont forget this moment :)

    95. Leo Gross

      If I’m correct, Americans came from England, so, we just took the stupidity of England people here, (I know about native Americans,)

    96. eioshen boboi

      I like how felix hasnt streams on twitch for 5 years.

    97. wtff

      Is Pewds aware that's literally also the voice actor? Lol

    98. Vilja

      Pewds brought fridays with pewdiepie back? Life is good

      1. eioshen boboi

        pick up 7 of these 56$ tshirts

    99. Derick Ramjit

      Did Felix try to sell us 56 dollar black shirts .-.

    100. PugslywithaHat 74