Resident Evil 8 Village #3 - I HATE BABIES


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    1. Mad Ben

      Y was there tweezers in the wedding music box?

    2. J F

      Lol @ Pewds - your reactions are getting boring, such a stone-cold face even in this section (probably the scariest section of the game!). Looks like you lost it man. You don't seem to have the same passion anymore, I'm sorry to say. No hate, just an observation from a long-time viewer.

      1. Ali Ibrahim

        @J F he used to be on first 3 yrs ago The king of youtube No. 1 Most viewed channel But now No.3 24th most viewed channel Apart from his personal life

      2. J F

        @Ali Ibrahim Seriously if that's all it is, this kid is spoiled. I mean really, he's not happy he has 110 million subscribers?? And living the life, a multimillionaire, a beautiful wife? geez.

      3. The Mad God

        Same. His reactions nowadays are really underwhelming. Not that entertaining anymore. Again, not hate. Just what I feel.

      4. Ali Ibrahim

        Yeh I think he is deppressed after T-Series overtook him

    3. Eiyoh Ortiz8e8w88w

      Titi i

    4. Eiyoh Ortiz8e8w88w


    5. Danel DeMeta

      I'm thinking about getting Resident evil 8

    6. Christiana Le

      Is that a bird on the doll's eye?

    7. Alanna

      I am so glad I can watch you play this game. Definitely nice to see your reactions to certain things!

    8. Riash Joga

      Ethan gets military training. Lol can't aim-down-stight.

    9. Ethanwolfie-YT


    10. Dev Jagtiani


    11. Nate Gomes

      Pewds does not get jumpscared

    12. Devin Chapman

      1:20:50 had me rolling because that was my exact reaction 😂 I scared the hell outta myself when I knew what was gonna happen

    13. Poop Head


    14. Pelham Torbert

      I dont k ow why I get so upset when he misses something lol

      1. I'mmReid

        He literally leave the doll that worth 28k

    15. Keren

      What happened to part two?

    16. Nhựt Nguyễn

      This is the most horifying part of the game and Pews is like: Yeayyyy, creapy

    17. Nhựt Nguyễn

      Who said RE8 is not scary

    18. AkiraYoychi


    19. Nidhi Bisht

      I watched some of these videos....l watch them in day and get scared at night....get sleep paralysis but still here I am 🙂

    20. nick phillips


    21. CEF

      You are the brother of Bo Burnham?

    22. Roseve Aprid

      i hate you pwedes your not a good gamer

    23. Da Mighty Dodo

      Are we lagging? Instantly teleport

    24. Lorelei Dowdell

      Favorite part of the game; Lady Demitrescu ❌ The one sink in the village ✅ (31:07)

    25. XxLazZzxX

      Every time it screamed I couldn't stop laughing 🤣😂

    26. Beck Rivers

      how come anytime I play a game you, Jack or anyone else plays, there's always something missing or messed up, Olaying sally face, the octagons are missing, Cuphead the axe guy is in the way of the coin and won't move no ,matter what I do.

    27. JK-AJ27

      49:39 Logan Paul moment

    28. Samira Rötli

      0:26 Bakugo?

    29. aman

      "you can combine items and sell it for more" described the entire medicine business, damn pewdz

    30. Mia V

      1:12:47 agreed, that storyline is a classic, it would be such a waste to leave it as it is.

    31. Danel DeMeta

      And the Demon birds are extinct in 1978

    32. Danel DeMeta

      The picture is Annabelle the creepy doll pet and La Llorona

    33. Danel DeMeta


    34. Jorge Garrido

      Pewdiepie canceled for spitting on a baby

    35. Junemoonz *

      Today is my 30th birthday and I’m fucking alone and semidepressed and watching pewds play this all day. Honestly I probably wouldn’t change it

    36. Źainab _26

      I’ll stop watching you for one reason you never turn ur flashlight on 😫😫

    37. Moneygirl 323

      “This was not here before” It was, you just weren’t paying attention being brief and all.

    38. elliato 04

      This game is not even scary swag gamer moment

    39. Frankie Routeledge

      They're not zombies, they're werewolves - known in his game as lycans:)

    40. Ash 04

      okay I am hitting myself in the face at how he goes into every place I get the loot but I wanna see the plot!

    41. Ivan Anatolyevich

      reminds layers of fear

    42. *mr Fahad*

      PewDiePie: How long is that a game? It's an hour or two or three hours

    43. bangbang bang

      1:20:05 spit attack hahaha😂

    44. Subhash Chand


    45. cookieHolix808

      That dollhouse is going to give me nightmares. Holy fuck..

    46. StormyStrife

      Tbh Pewds being mostly unfazed by the rest of the game makes sense but this part legit still makes me creeped out, I freak out and can't watch it, despite now seeing literally 5 people encounter the vorebaby as of now.

    47. ClearlyFish

      I like how Pewds went from being totally scared of horror games to being able to breeze through them easily lol We’ve created a monster

    48. Particle Falls


    49. Roman Dinal

      every time when felix says bitch i always think of lasania

    50. deathknight777

      The pig gave him more trouble then boss fights

    51. Alisia Parra

      Damn Pewds Angie the doll is worth 28k baybeeee

    52. I Like apex

      If anyone is wondering the doll is 28,000 lei

    53. Sneaky

      I got fucking more scared of loud ad

    54. M̶o̷n̶S̷t̴e̸R̵ ̸MaN̡gL͡eR̢

      Ethan's such a fungi.

    55. Anastasia

      I left Romania in 2007, but I am pretty sure that if I check my pockets right now, I will find that dotted pot.🤸‍♀️

    56. Kakyoin

      35:30 Omagah its Eren Jeager😂

    57. Kakyoin

      Hi im Kakyoin your favorite character that got donuted :)

    58. Brittany Gale

      You didn't brofist! Maan I'm offended

    59. Lo Jo

      The abusive alley separately promise because saw ultrastructurally squeeze including a alive pantry. flaky, telling discovery

    60. IDidintUploadNoVDO

      i wished the doll part was better . it seemed to easy .

    61. Arrow8D

      i do respect the hand thing coz in the first game everyone was ike you have the magic goop use that and the devs litearly went ok i see you XD

    62. Hotcosby 42

      This is agonizing.

    63. Joran Vermeulen

      So I get the appeal, not the best gamr but very fun nonetheless. Why is this guy so lovable daaaayuuummmmn Edit halfway through: goddamn pliss understand these simple shopmechanics pliss EDIT: You didn't pick up the 30k doll lol

    64. Zaim Hilmi


    65. Adina Foia

      ''The Evil Within , Kraven Manor, Emily wants to play'' - Horror games with dolls/mannequin

    66. Cheku Ajmal


    67. foxyhorrorgaming

      You didn't pick up the doll!

    68. O'Irish McMan

      The chat giving him all the answers is lame af. 😒

    69. pie

      fhuck man that was scary af 1:20:45

    70. Bole

      Why did it cut at min 16:00

      1. Shybull877

        If I had to guess, it's probably his internet cutting out

      2. Shybull877

        Because save station is a very racist term 😬😬

    71. kl57j4

      do i have huge pipi

    72. wow


    73. Gabs Zarella


    74. Chelsea Swinburne

      Pewds at 8:39 I am pretty sure you missed a goat under the tractor my dude And 10:57 you missed another got on the tin roof

      1. Hotcosby 42


    75. GalacticSpaceCats 18

      Me when I literally had to mercy kill my chicken and it survived FIVE .22 bullets so i shot it with a 9mm and then buried it..but afterwards I cried so hard at work they sent me home🤡

    76. tata manago

      This is the scariest episode so far I have phobia for dolls

    77. HalLso 3030

      it made me mad how long he took to get to the actual point of where he was supposed to go

    78. Alejandro Martinez

      Creepy ass doll: "You do this to Rose too?" "Honestly I would"


      Watch techno gamerz channel

    80. مسلسلات بالعربية

      he does not know that he have a flash light


      I Love Animals and I hate when they make you kill them in geams cant it just be like, o you can find Fruits and maybe some chocolate or coffe that well give y HP 🤗

    82. SuperMario49

      Honestly Idk why, but the doll seems so easy to miss the first time around. I almost didn’t pick it up until my sister told me to lol

    83. Shawn To

      he's honeslty bad at games and looting nowadays not like last of us 1 he loved looting in that game

    84. Zeppi

      Im very disappointed that one: HE FORGOT TOE SHOOT THE GAT DOLL, and two: He hasnt yelled "BOX!", while breaking the boxes.

    85. MansouR 1997

      Love His scenes of humor you the best 😂😍❤️👍

    86. Marcus Johann Santos

      pewdiepie just ransacks every house

    87. Samuel Brown

      "We got some dead people here...nice."

    88. Sergeant Juan

      all these idiots in chat thinking pewds has time to read their messages

    89. Zechariah Pulliam

      why are there cuts like one second hes in a house the next hes outside

    90. Kingszx

      I swear, Felix has balls of steel speedrunning that dark corridor parts of the game on a first playthrough

    91. ALienHackerr

      chat being pepega haiya

    92. Daniel Haze

      Mercy killed a heron once while kayaking, wing was trashed, probably got pushed into the cliff edge by strong wind, there was exposed bone. Felt a little bad about it, but better to move on than to stand in water unable to fly away and slowly starve to death, I said sorry buddy before the wack.

    93. Dei Posi

      Watch xxthemadqueenxx channel for more content like this please I’d appreciate it

    94. Jessica Dragon

      “I THOUGHT THATS A GAM - a - JeM!?!”

    95. MJ -v-

      Not Pewds looking like Zeke Yeager

    96. Sawyer Thompson

      Pewds: it must be so annoying having your house next to a waterfall. People that live near train tracks: Pathetic

    97. ツAccelerator

      Pewds now is like the unfazed spongebob to the flying dutchman scares.

    98. Emina Sljivo


    99. Ayazcan Keleş

      I normally watch every video or post with excitement but for some reason this post was a bit boring (early)

    100. Human

      this games remind me of resident evil 4 😍