Reacting To My Wifes Favorite Clips


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    1. cath paath

      Why does bubs face expression resemble when you wake up your grandparents and they look like they don't know where they are or who you are xD giving me grandpa simpson energy.

    2. Bob Bifitjfufjjf

      The cicada clip I just killed me I don’t think I’m in this world anymore my volume was all the way up

    3. Tyson Harmon

      Edgar getting gray hair:(

    4. Blue room Collectibles

      I have a pug to

    5. The BananaBotz

      My brothers friend used to have a 30 pound cat named cow

    6. par3a dem0n

      The love that Felix has for edgar is wholesome😂😍

    7. Helena Vigerlund

      I just sanna tell yoou i like The face up on you. 🤗🐱🐶🤗

    8. Boyan Ganev

      6:10 This is the GOD DAMN PENNYWISE DOG 🤪😱😖

    9. Morty C-134

      Edgar is getting older and grey 😢

    10. Andrea Bathory

      What happened with the axolotl?

    11. Franny

      The way he loves animals makes me so happy 🙈

    12. Seth Keene

      Edgar experiencing first hard the affects of PTSD 11:18

    13. Aryansingh Chawhan

      Fun fact:Pewds never cheated when he plays you laugh you loose! :)

    14. Jonathan Mariano

      RIP headphone

    15. MarsDarling

      Awwww! Edgar's so cute & old now! Look at all those white hairs! ....Cutie boy. ☺

    16. KKmies

      8:01 My male cat weights 10 kilos and he's not even fat. Just pure muscle. He's a huge cat. He eats rabbits and has even killed and eaten a hare. He's 1,5 years old.

    17. Julian Chavez

      mayas still vibing right?

    18. What's my name?

      "feeding covid 19 part 1"

    19. Kolabuff 90

      Please dye your hair back to what we the viewer would recognize as "Normal" again (Blonde) and make something even better than : PewDiePie Hej Monika Make an acutal CD called "Swedish and other scandinavian cultural hit songs improved by PP" or something, would be pretty cool to see DESU

    20. Oluyemi Babagook

      edgar looks like a wise old man who would give you an early game quest to gather him apples or something

      1. Yajaira Isaac

        Yo why is this so cute tho😂 He could be a character in Adventure Time fr

    21. Harley

      when felix says "my wife", referring to Marzia 👌

    22. Erik Bjørnebekk

      Looks like dog had 2 eyes lol

    23. S ياحسين


    24. Sc3les

      My cat weighs 21 lbs or 9.53 kilos (if my conversions are correct)

    25. Amalies_Amalia Lee Johnson

      OMG EDGAR IS SO OOOOOLLLDDDD aahhhhhh my heart nooooooooo ❤️‍🩹

    26. Jack Hyatt

      I love Edgy and Maya so much

    27. Nicholas Diehl

      I love both of you ♥

    28. Skiing Chickens

      When did we get EDGAR CAM???!?!?!

    29. Fille Svensson

      You’re telling me that that falling pug meme was maya all along and I NEVER!! knew it WTF

    30. Nara

      I love that there all animal vids ♡

    31. LOST GHOST

      U mean wife's right ? ...... right ?

    32. Maren

      You laugh you lose. Felix manages to laugh anyway everytime.

    33. Wilbert Blackwood

      Don't point the mic towards your mouth please focus it towards your chest to gain more bass and better sound quality please

    34. Dillon Qaphsiel

      Chi kata? Are you even from this planet?

    35. Ella

      Okay but the bat is adorable-

    36. Gabriela Hernandez

      EDGAR HAHAHAHHAH I love him omg

    37. Mythic Samurai17

      Can you make Tsuki beanies

    38. Randell Darky

      Murder bunny.

    39. Dalia Rom

      Im sorry but Maya falling was too funny 😂❤️🐶

    40. Amber Marshall

      your pugs are soooo cute you should get the doggy stairs for your bed

    41. Car'a'Carn

      Yhea I'm the man of the house- Felix Keep telling yourself that buddy 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    42. Lonely teddy

      can i pls get a shoutout from you pls bro pls

    43. Libbyisawkward

      Requesting Edgar react videos

    44. Sabrina N

      Eddie on wheels is a great dog on tiktok I wonder if Marisa has seen hike already !!?

    45. Julissya

      10:45 be like 🥺

    46. Rawr

      Pewds: we wont get a bat Marzia: *gets bat* Pewds and the bat:

    47. BornFromEmbers

      There’s a huge swarm of cicadas in Ohio right now and it’s terrible.🤣 They are EVERYWHERE people are mad bc they went to a water park and it was pretty much invested. Cicadas on the ground, in the water, on the people etc.🤣💀

    48. Navaneeth VN

      11:07 edgar thoughtt the dog fell behind the table

    49. Natalia Juarez

      Me realizing this is number 69 😏😏

    50. Even the Steven

      Ue laugh uwu,s

    51. RedTime101

      Mr. Bubz is pretty abused I'm pretty sure. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    52. SGGT_ Doris

      I need a version of Edgar watching himself with the Vietnam backdrop

    53. Cade Paschall

      Can’t believe his cat weighed 8 kilometers

    54. Mariah Sussan


    55. Bario IDL

      5:35 any re zero fan watching this?

    56. Bario IDL

      bird 24 apple 0

    57. ZvLS TeraByte

      What was that animal at 2:52

    58. ZvLS TeraByte

      Bro edgar is sooo fucking cuteeee

    59. xLiL xKiD


    60. Muhammad Ibnu

      Chin chen hanji

    61. RayMoneyMan

      I loved Edgars reaction to himself 🤣🤣🤣🤣 he needs YT too 😭

    62. Ramchander singh


    63. _yiğitFLİX_


    64. Kang Taehyun Oppa

      6:58 what breed of dog is this again? I keep forgetting

    65. DeadlyWizard_1

      pewdiepie:LAUGHS it does not count my dog was in my lap every time he laughed in the video their was an excuse lol

    66. Eddie Kitzhofer

      If that's really Maya's finger, I can see why he freaked out.

    67. SneakyPoop Dealer

      “Huh, it looked she had two eyes?!” I don’t know Felix, that’s quite a lot of eyes.

    68. Camryn S.


    69. eddy498

      dam edgard looks so old already.

    70. 임혁기


    71. Victor Heras

      1:33 leaked leg reveal

    72. Jenny Ross (mhigz)

      how dare you embarrass Edgar !!

    73. Đoàn Việt Anh

      Yall' Felix you should play the vid with your speaker so that Edgar could hear whats going on.

    74. Kenta Kotte

      Är du utvecklingsstörd Felix?

    75. NickSk81227

      What's the cat slapping clip?

    76. CEF

      You are the brother of Bo Burnham?

    77. Dark Storm

      Guinea pigs are a pain in the arse to skin and you’ve gotta be careful when gutting them you don’t burst their stomach else 🤢🤮

    78. Z.A.R.C Chris

      Pause at 4:38 Pewds : wanna go ?? Edgar: *of course I was waiting till u said that I didn't tell that cause u won't give me food*

    79. Alfie Holding

      Edgar is a good lad

    80. Alexander Kardasis

      Edgar is not getting older he's getting STRONGER!!!

    81. abortodedios

      Theres a rule in theatre that children and animals always get all the attention in scene. I couldn’t stop watching Edgar hahaha. He was reacting to the parrot.

    82. Md Knutson

      Sweetie pie vs PewDiePie!!😆😆😆

    83. Santiago Repetto

      why in the fcking hell cant edgar stop moveing his face... i mean is lovely but, yet so irritating

    84. Appaa Arulmozhi arjun

      the guy pewdie pie is superstar fan chiranjeeviprabu Arulmozhi from India tamilnadu state

    85. Supa Vegito

      Just Edgar’s cuteness level

    86. Post Chiper

      bro , we eat cicadas in sabah

    87. MR WEEB

      Edgar cute as ever


      Really A Bat WTF?? Bat Be Like: Help Me Help Me

    89. Christopher Jared

      I needed this, thank you sooo much PewDiePie!

    90. Aubree Johnson

      Omg Edgar is such a sweet old man lol


      Want some banana? 🍌

    92. Kensley Spillman

      maya has some very human fingers

    93. Jeanette pei pei

      Pewds: immunity to random video: lvl 0 Ability to refuse he actually laughed: lvl 1000000000000

    94. Panji Kasui Official

      I like it,, have fun guys Im belloved you are ❤️😁👍👍

    95. Karin

      2:00 Jeez the jumpscares 😂😂😂😂😂 istg I just watched conjuring yesterday and I didn't flinch the entire movie but this!!! This cicada just scared the heck out of me i did a lil sit jump n let out a meep that makes my mom surprised too 😂😂😂😂

    96. zhaira_Chan ' •_• '

      pewdiepie sucks! he just said dhar man is cringe

    97. Sophia Cabards

      Wifes wives lol

    98. Isak Laperriere


    99. Kocia Mama

      Has Marzia not discovered TiKTok yet?

    100. Eduardo Cardozo

      7:23 Rekken and Yu xd