Karen Compilation 4k Most Bruh Moment 2020


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    1. Matthew Bright

      Why was buffpro in the thumbnail

    2. Matthew Maestri

      Opens door ..... you’re disgusting

    3. Ayden Oz

      She said kids bop in upper case cursive

    4. OrtinAaw

      why is it always white people have the most Karens?

    5. Peach Pie

      It's so wholesome when Ken gets protective of kids because he's a father 🥺. Truly the mark of a good father. And a moment of silence for kids who have Karens for parents instead

    6. Cierra Hauck

      YO! WHERE'S BUFF??

    7. Peanut Wars

      kidz bop still exists lol?

    8. Voidly

      she looks like dora 17:52

    9. jimmy job

      people who play fortnite looking at the lady pouring gas on her car: i dont see anything wrong here🤔🤔

    10. 3lla

      Damn, the chalk lady could've at least waited til the little girl left 🙄

    11. bangtamak gaming

      Karen secret weapon is "the cops"

    12. Green

      Ken over here like IDGAF if you press charges. Bop Bop Bop. KO. I wish more people knew that getting spit on is assault and that whoever spit on you can be arrested.

    13. SlickBanana

      idk if anyone else said this but the first video they watch is longer and after the guys says forget about it the lady comes backs and the video cuts off in the middle of her screaming

    14. Consis

      I'm be honest with u chief my moms name is Karen and all my friends won't shut up about it.

    15. Rivershield

      Reminder that Karens are a result of feminism and so called "women's liberation".

    16. Vinnie Murk

      The British are so elegant even when telling people off!

    17. Cody Strom

      “Washing her car with gasoline” who would light the match?

    18. Love That

      Why's Buff in the thumbnail but not in the video lol

    19. patrick maloney

      If I opened up my door at 8am to someone calling me disgusting they'd be liable to lose teeth lol

    20. Jeremy Webb

      That guy should have said Candice

    21. Hi Kids

      I was about to say appreciate Karen’s, the make content, but then I see a Karen ruining a small child’s chalk art and calling it a MESS

    22. K!ro

      It’s these women that will drive me to commit war crimes, murder, and arson.

    23. Sheila Kesler

      The captions change Karen to carrot

    24. kopiichan


    25. Sashidhar Kumar

      Okay.. but why "karen" ? Can someone tell me?

    26. LosBoys Fan Page

      Man skipped over the skillex intro "CALL 911 NOW!" and the noodle arm karen. smh

    27. Jane Dragonwarrior


    28. Null Null

      Looking at Kens face, this was difficult for him

    29. Ssj_Plugs

      This is all in America, next clip *in Britain*

    30. Devin Leary

      New York one is definitely real

    31. phrogge


    32. Allyson Grace

      i live next door to a karen. i hit her mailbox once (the top part where the mail goes) left minimal damage on my car (just a cracked mirror). she tried to convince me that i caused it to come loose from like the bottom even tho i barely hit it that bad and we had just had a hurricane that could’ve caused it to be wobbly.

    33. The MaiN Squeeze

      Uk Karens are more childish yet remain infuriating while US karens are more delusional having a lot of shared behavior with their counter parts: The US Crackhead

    34. Satvin Singh

      Karen's are undefeated cuz they haven't meet brown parents

    35. Abyss Paradox

      I’ve been attacked by a Karen before. It’s not pleasant.

    36. Zxen

      Karens are spawn if evils. Spray them with karen repellent

    37. Matthias Yanez

      After the first clip, it cuts right before she comes back and chokes him, it's definitely fake

    38. Captain Infinite

      My gawd ken...We getting old and yet still awesome!!!

    39. Toni Hill

      At 18:18 they were laughing and they didn't hear the woman say "Go back to where you came from" and they turned it into a "Karen vs Karen" thing lol,she was being a bitch

    40. Andrew Crowe

      Anyone being upset by this is automatically a Karen 😅 Pew pew pew...Britain and America breed Karens equally as both countries are the peak of privilege. Hell one of them has been run by a Karen for over 40 years!


      Why there is 4.4millon views of 110millon sub you pwedipie you lose

    42. 1deadlysimp

      14:44 oblivion npc dialogue

    43. imadogsoyeah

      I think what we are witnessing is a high number of untreated cases of autism

    44. Ricky Marioan

      Childrens, alone mother, first week pregnancy - we all know that type of excuses

    45. Immanuel Pokrifka

      my mom a karen, i no tell her tho

    46. Immanuel Pokrifka

      the old lady ones ore the mothers of all karens who spawn da rest

    47. Carrie Carrie

      Beginner Karen’s were kid that used to tell on everyone in class.

    48. Hamzah Syahputra

      The first one was not Karen. That was normal New Yorkers.

    49. Wicked Ashley

      I could kinda sympathize w the lady upset about the car if he was speeding or something through the neighborhood. But exhaust? What lol

    50. Daniel Vysokos

      My sister is "Karen". That is why I don't talk to her and I don't see her.

    51. Bouncydogfurenal

      Maybe it wasn’t her car and she is assaskaren

    52. Reee Ja_mes

      we need more of this

    53. I Allman

      A solid lack of accountability+an astonishing amount of entitlement+ lack of self awareness = one ass hole of a person, now called a Karen.

    54. KELLY COLE

      those people washing the childs chalk off the parking lot are absolutely despicable. that really pissed me off.

    55. Shiyam

      I wonder how many Karens are watching this

    56. Eric Antunez

      Sadly my neighbor is a Karen too..

    57. Priyanshu Singh

      Controversy incoming

    58. Tehseen Gaming

      I am just thinking if someones name is Karen 😂

    59. Slazy Bug

      I live in Long Beach 👁👄👁10:59

    60. Codie Jones

      Lol buff in the thumbnail confused me so much

    61. Monkey D

      Watching Karen videos is like a drug once you start you can’t stop and before you know it, you’ve sunk 2 hours. Someone help me pls.

    62. Tay Tay

      19:58 is everyone OK??? Do we know the full story 😭

    63. Sandy

      How can people go through life being so angry? It's exhausting just watching them lol

    64. Mathew Phillips

      On some serious stuff, all this early onset Dementia or Alzheimer's from all these Karen's must be because of the virus. I legit think it is a form of mental illness caused by it, not even kidding. I don't know what all the side effects of the disease is but I know it messes up blood circulation and it probably does attack the brain in some way. These women need help. There's a lot of consistencies with the type of women that end up in videos like this too. Or the pandemic by itself is just sending people over the edge.

    65. Nathanael Lodge

      If I had that lamborghini I would rev the engine in front of het

    66. Punch Club member

      13:00 rip and tear fits so perfectly for this Karen and I don’t know why

    67. Mr_Pug_369

      The Karen after the British one I genuinely thought it was thatveganteacher at first

    68. Kipper Lynx

      For the name should have responded with mike

    69. s.drxke

      Why’s Dane in the thumbnail... is he gonna be in the vid

    70. GorGarb

      17:53 Dora when shes 70 XD

    71. geniusmara

      That's exactly how you have to wash your Car xD xD

    72. aspasiz

      That one from 12:06 to 13:30 was used as a sample in Skrillex song

    73. Amber Marshall

      their needs to be a jail just for karens lol

    74. Xx sakura

      Never meet the real one but if I did I will cry (ب_ب) (。ノω\。)

    75. Arda Yelen

      Male karens are kens

    76. Maleekaye Faron

      "You're not getting the ladder back until you stop working" "So how tf am I gonna stop working if I cant even get down"

    77. Kevin Manuel 11th-D

      heyy felix mate, u want some *BOTTO OF WOTTO* ??

    78. Steven Scheffer

      13:55 She reminds me of a skyrim character, idk...

    79. Naiiimm

      18:17 Somehow they both missed the part where the Karen told them to "Go back to your country". And then proceeded to call the people filming, cringe. Lmao. Come on Pewds! That Karen was basically saying that the person filming isn't American just because she's not white, so the person called out her hypocrisy by asking where Karen's original land is.

    80. The Yarix yt


    81. Boyd Mulders

      Be *Karenfull* please.

    82. Earl Joshua Cocoy

      subscribed to ken because of this

    83. budgie

      Is any one going to talk about the so called dobberman

    84. Latei Ralte

      Dharmann get dissrespect by pewdiepie

    85. Alex Dobie

      do you think they want to be working at 8 on a Sunday? No they want to be in bed getting over a hangover but they have to do what their boss tells them

    86. muhammad malik

      Sub to pewdiepie to stop tseries

    87. Hell Crow

      They're soulless beans indeed

    88. Renzo Musni


    89. Becky Singe

      The Karen from min 15:30 sounds just like some dialogue from Skyrim.

    90. Judah Beals

      people suck

    91. JaxonPlays

      15:40 wtf happened there

    92. ༺Darkness ༻

      "they are soulless beings" bro they are oblivion NPCs following their scripted dialogue, they are not even well designed look at their face expressions glitching while they proceed with the scripted dialogue spoiller: you can't skip the dialogue

    93. Starchaser 432 (Starchaser)

      The British woman yelling at the roof workers sounds like an NPC from kingdoms come deliverance

    94. dtMuzL

      Why is this a 2 person video?

    95. TheArieus

      I really hope all the karen's in these videos are watching.

    96. Siphonophore

      I hate to imagine being a kid of a Karen, having to deal with your mum making huge fusses about small inconveniences, publicly shaming herself and is dragging you along with it.

    97. Talon Flame

      Karengraphic hosted by cinnamontoastken