How Rare Is Your DNA?


3,7 მლნ ნახვები27 000

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    1. Ben Aflac

      I sneeze when I get the sun in my eyes

    2. Bonnie Bickett

      Jenna I love her!

    3. ElectronicPancakes

      Life hack for opening a bottle of water, instead of just twisting the cap get these items. -string -lever -marker (red) -scissors -shoes

    4. Tyler Foster

      “I’m gonna wear, the mask.” Ken n Pewds: *Visible confusion* Me, an intellectual: “Jim Carrey... Yes.”

    5. Diamond Nerf Gabriel 360

      Who is here from Sash Shinobi in tiktok?

    6. Kevin Carlos

      26:40 That head movement Ken did at the end kinda made him look like an actual cat 😂

    7. LeDavinshi

      25:53 secret wall opening sfx

    8. McDainsleif

      8:37 kfc chicken man


      14:37-14:54 made me feel like i was being rudely left out of a really funny inside joke

    10. Purple Kyat

      Just like Real boomers the thing that finally made them admit it's funny was a cat video

    11. Oliver Sotir

      14:38 BUT WHAT WAS THE TIK TOK?! We did not get to see it!

    12. Alison Marte

      sometimes it just hits me that i'm watching two grown men laughing at a cat with a fur hat

    13. Noor Aamir

      your mom

    14. potatopouf

      Aww the Jenna mables tik tok ;(

    15. Murphy McPoyle

      I'm noticing Ken and I have a lot of the same shirts. Great taste Ken

    16. Brianne Feliciano

      Believe it or not I don't have a voice in my head

    17. Mushroom Wobbit

      when she says shes going with "the mask" that one means the green looking one. Its literally called "the mask". its from the movie "the mask". You know the jim carry movie? When you wear it you get bugs bunny powers.

    18. OliverSnickIsMyName

      18:09 ken deffo has ADHD UvU👌✨

    19. Wolfgang Creations

      Balls being crushed just wait until he hears about this kid in Tokyo ghoul

    20. JJGODOFGAMES 125

      Ken’s thing should be toast five and he high fives the camera

    21. Chris Hazell

      4:17, *btec sukuna*

    22. R W 2

      A sunlight sneezer here, the reason why people sneeze in the sun is because it's a sudden change in stimuli, and this triggers the removal process. - Dude walks in sun - Brain "Hey something weird is going on here, GET RID OF IT GET RID OF IT!" - Boom!!

    23. Mr Manatee

      The “this is like a virtual world” got me

    24. Me Me

      😍 I 💘you babe

    25. Onyx

      10:19 I guess pizza is American now?

    26. CEF

      You are the brother of Bo Burnham?

    27. Tilly Talbot

      His hair is really like ☝️

    28. Socks Fersale

      I don’t get the elf one Can somebody explain?

    29. Kisselera

      What is that starwars video??

    30. Simon

      Smell amogus pee?!😳😳😳

    31. Ashur Hering

      i cant stop my brain

    32. Roni Tzabari

      14:36 ?????????

    33. Chloe

      Why did the opera house come up

      1. Socks Fersale

        His hair

    34. hammad_ shah

      Felix is an idiot, ken is the greatest.

    35. MrMcMono


    36. Greed kyle

      Felix..... Love to see ya had fun...... Thiabis great video

    37. Brinne Olson

      I don’t spend a lot of time on TikTok but I like animal ones and this guy that makes really old recipes. Btw love Ken’s magnum pi look

    38. Anthony Smith

      The table thing of the pizza is so the pizza doesn’t get stuck on the box I work at Pizza Hut

    39. Whoa Titties

      the sun sneeze is due to some people not evolving from having the nose nerve connection to the eye. So when the eyes comes in sudden contact with the sunlight it tickles or irritates the nerve causing you to sneeze.

    40. Simply_Insane

      Ah yes, thinking is very rare in humans.

    41. Nicole Ray

      @18:00 Ken do you have ADHD...?

    42. Matthew Lee

      when you realize ken just copies and says what felix does and says... zzzz

    43. Lauren

      1:40 my dog would so something like that, he randomly will want to jump/play with things I wouldn't expect... Like the freaking lawn mower and weed wacker

    44. Sofiene Jhimi

      4:34 can anyone link the clip ?

    45. Stefan Grubor

      14:30 no clip but the reaction is still there lmao.

    46. Yatharth Bansal

      Had PewDiePie stopped gaming

    47. Nick Dim

      i love it how those 2 keep in touch after so many years and still create funny content!

    48. Biologically AWPtimized

      Veritasium said that it was a debunked theory and that it's the crossing of nerves in the face that trigger it. Nose and eyes nerves are connected and overstimulating the nerves in your eyes triggers the ones in your nose to activate. Though that's still not 100% certain to be the cause.

    49. TheAdvertisement

      23:34 I love that Sive edited the inserted music to be timed when Anakin's and Obi-Wan's lightsabers clashed!

    50. TheAdvertisement

      Ken's influence over the fans increases with every video.

    51. Tnet101

      I have a narrator in my narrator

    52. Boom Bucket

      The reason the astronaut is on there is due to rebuilds of the church after a war.

      1. Boom Bucket

        And or incident usally.

    53. The Duo

      ive been at giant causeway and dis shit fake

    54. Kelly Hards

      Re: the gray cats fluffy tail - I think most wom?en are of. the mindset of NO FURRY PENILE! 😝

    55. Angel Pimienta

      14:39 Pewds: THATS THE FUNNIEST TIKTOK I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! Also Pewds: *Proceeds to keep it a secret and cuts out the clip*

      1. Robersora

        @Zacharie Telles do we know which one it is?

      2. Zacharie Telles

        The GEproms Algorithm cut it out automatically because of possible copyright infringement

    56. James Tieppo

      Sydney opera house conspiracy

    57. Gavin GrimSythe

      The guy in the Hawaiian shirt looks like Omni Man

    58. tamalee


    59. JoshJrumJrastick

      14:37 what happened?

    60. Loose Knaught


    61. cquick 3

      Jesus Saves Love God ✝️


      5 years ago I remember seeing you, I’m the guy who tried to give you a fist pump but you siked me out and dabbed 🥲

    63. Stefanie gebara

      Fighting against the Cremlin (Creme de la Creme) where is the accent on the e, french people? Crème or cremê

    64. Shinta Dewi

      My big sister is an oogabooga people

    65. - godsspeed -

      19:37 I sneeze from the sunlight but also regular light if I look at it

    66. Lenin4ever

      Pewdiepie: it's so boring, i don't give a shit about her opinion. *His 3,5 million viewers:*

    67. Mephilis 78

      lmfao Literally Hollywood actors losing their shit over WatchMojo lady!

    68. JackTV

      The table on the pizza is so the slices stay together

    69. wildhorses runfree

      Ken looking very Magnum PI😎

    70. MS A

      1:30 you made it jazzy Wow...genius

    71. Remedy

      Your DNA is a lie, it is something that racist whites made up!

    72. Mackenzie Eberhardt

      Bro Ken explain the voice in his head, as a "movie" is legit him explaining how he overthinks

    73. Kei From Insta

      Pewds with Jack : neighbors kid Pewds with Ken : boomer humor Pewds with Edgar : *you fucking donkey*

    74. Hyper Shadow Sniper 176

      14:36 Did someone cut that out or something?

      1. Kardo Kahk

        I think this got clamed. It was there before

    75. SnazzyChicken

      Goodbye Marzia ken here I come!

    76. Vincent Hobbs

      I like these videos! He’s been doing a lot of collabs with ken

    77. Statiicztaco Mcwubbz

      Pewds: en!!! Ken: uuhhhe

    78. Kodie Meyer

      Hey pewds I was watching this video and half way through it feels like you just skipped a bunch of stuff idk any way idk if it is editing or just my phone but just wanted to let you know

    79. Max Mazur

      The probable banjo phenotypically murder because magic micrencephaly visit by a wild hydrofoil. alive, hurried mosquito

    80. SquiggJigg the Squigg

      16:33 nah that looks like a wheat thin

    81. Shlok Manjul

      My dna 🧬 is z +

    82. osaki_iroma -_-

      Wtf 14:38

    83. booger wiper

      NASA is a fraud.

    84. Xavi Land

      DOOM mask for sure he left when the world needed him most

    85. Sigurd Sørnes

      Mary or Mary ham

    86. Raven Ariyeal

      What would I do if this guy broke into my house... Call the cops n chop ur shit up w my machetes wtf is wrong w u 🤣

    87. Raven Ariyeal

      I wish I had such an awesome best ..any.. 😂 😭

    88. The Art Van

      _ _ 0 _ 0 - - u _ u _ _ o _ o - B R U H

    89. JaydeezHD

      7:22 c,hat

    90. Diana Kolgeci

      Finding videos of pewds and ken reacting together is like finding money on your pockets you did not know you had

    91. Kirlux


    92. Diamond Arrow31

      HAHAHAHAHAHA that tik tok was funny

    93. Gallant Sage 69

      It is an ecosystem

    94. Hakeem Spence

      Just say you hate it lmaooo😂😂😂

    95. Elena Jennings-Mares

      Where my sunlight sneezers at?

    96. Elena Jennings-Mares

      I love that Ken's brain works like mine

    97. Richard Goetzen

      I'm disappointed pewds wasn't wearing his cat ears with Ken

    98. one tome plz

      Pewdiepie: that is so not funny Also pewdiepie: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


      How to fight back on cringe tiktoker Be one of them

    100. Jonathan White

      I miss Jenna Marbles