Resident Evil 8 Village #5 - Heisenberg is the Greatest


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    1. Doug Steffy

      I love my aunts aunt Roxanne and aunt sue

    2. Comrade Svanticki

      just hit one year

    3. sarah sham

      i'm studiyin while watchin pewds, the best study prtner ever :)

    4. Keira Jones

      1:00:48 you’re welcome

    5. Abdulaziz Rayd


    6. Christiana Le

      Wow Felix is become richer and richer as ever in this Horror game in 2021

    7. sand


    8. Riash Joga

      Lol Heisenberg sounds like a mixture of Nicholas Cage and Ross from friends.

    9. Solaris

      You used to be my idol

    10. Sean Christian

      who lied to felix and told him cadou means corpse

    11. Nate Gomes

      The song ozone dracostea

      1. Patrick Chan

        Dragostea din tei*

    12. Val Dal

      Do you even enjoy doing this anymore ?

    13. ZippY

      Ngl but watching pewds in combat is mentally draining

    14. Poop Head


    15. Nhựt Nguyễn

      Since when did Resident Evil become a hunting game

    16. AboFlah

      يمكن بس اني عربي😂😂😂

    17. Weisz Hoju

      Listening to pewds while sending emails effectively removes stress 1:12:36 - 1:12:42 😂😂😂

    18. MIXTRY


    19. bocil egois

      Kita bantu yutuber kecil

    20. CEF

      You are the brother of Bo Burnham?

    21. Iggy Ramirez

      Pewdiepie: I think we’re done for now Also pewdiepie: I think we need to stock up

    22. shiraoune


    23. KRATO S

      Pewdiepie plays:30% Pewdiepie snacks:20% O my ghod i gotta sneeze:50%

    24. Dicky Prasetya

      Pewds pls play minecraft there's a new update

    25. KRATO S

      What a bunch of kids in the chat bruhh

    26. x.gachq._.lanni.x

      Bro why do you hate dhar man we changed many lives. No wonder I didn’t sub to you yet 😂 😂 😂😂😂😂

      1. Great_ KelpShake


    27. ViSMusiC!

      I dont know ..............but I'm missing him a lot !!

    28. Danel DeMeta

      Watch out for bearwolves

    29. sAuCyy bOi MicHaEl

      Pewds makes the main story feel like some side quest

    30. Danel DeMeta


    31. Jenko Weng•

      I love how he sings every time he save😂❤️❤️

    32. Robert Oxendine

      Pewdiepie: Are they Making Love, That's so sweet. Lycan: Violently Eating Mutilated Corpse

    33. Laughing Skull

      God I hope we get Heisenberg DLC

    34. WalkerBrosFilms

      Everything in RE had too much hp. Period it’s ridiculous

    35. srt fgreu


    36. 5空

      That’s really insane. Woooo disgusting lol

    37. michael phelps


    38. Bunbun Berry

      I fully agree on that we should’ve had a choice to team up with heisenburg.

    39. Alexa Iris

      this vid was great pewds ily!

    40. Logan’s Movie outlet

      Somebody please make a compilation of pewds save station song

    41. Alisha Fairbairn

      Watching pewds get more and more intense and frustrated when he’s fighting the monsters is what I’m here for.

    42. nur syakila reziki

      Why peeds look tired.

    43. Black Screen

      *Ethan gets bitten in the neck* "..okay, i'm just gonna pour a random Liquid to my hand."

    44. Black Screen

      Ethan's Hands *Exist* every monsters: "...I'm gonna end this man's whole career."

    45. Wolf

      Heisenberg is actually Nicholas Cage

    46. Spirit Garden

      Heisenberg the metal daddy😵😵✋

      1. Spirit Garden

        @Black Screen What you saw

      2. Black Screen


    47. ColCucumber

      The "maya hi" song isn't even romanian it's a song made by a moldavian band. Moldova is a country between Romania and Ukraine, You're very welcome some geographic lessons for ya :)

    48. Shockercody 999

      Karl Heisenberg, ✨BEST BOY✨

    49. alfin 000

      Indo pried

    50. Teokae

      Im gonna snipe some bitches XDDD

    51. Örlogskapten

      I love how Pewds has a fishing hat on too lmao

    52. Thomas Worth

      He is actually so annoyingly bad at this game...

    53. Marry Grace Tan

      " WHAT A CHEAP ASS "

    54. SAVAGEX

      Bruh he shoots so slow with all the weapons even the automatic

    55. Hans Wouters

      So the subject from 43:43 is mommy then, right?

      1. Harshal Gupta

        hello verified guy

    56. Bean Shapiro

      Yo I’m almost done in scared

    57. Kshitij Upadhye

      Other youtubers: O shit the big guy took all my grenades...I need more!!! Pewds:Where's the fucking fish???

    58. Thorgrim Gaming

      Master of Bloopers is my hero

    59. SAVAGEX

      Bruh Felix shoots too slow with the pistol

    60. Ibrahim Hussein

      30:50 music in 2050 will be pewdiepie remix

    61. PANDUMZ

      Pewds: one misfortune leads to glory youre dead! Chicken: makes him take more than one swing 😂

    62. Zaim Hilmi


    63. JT E

      Vad är det för liten trudelutt du nynnar, Pewd, när du sparar? Den sitter stenhårt i skallen på mig nu 😂

    64. Just A Commenter Person

      Still pressed i cant join Heisenberg. Imagine the witty dialouge and interactions he could have had with Ethan

    65. The Amazing Amin

      I will littarly do anything if you stop cursing forever

    66. MansouR 1997

      Great video love the jokes 😂👍

    67. Delta

      After 4 years we can't be able to see Pewds' face whenever he saw a crate like in re7 anymore, which is kinda sad.

    68. Cameron Bowen-Humphreys (Rogue Demon)

      Felix is Cat from Red Dwarf: "I'm gonna get you little fishies"

    69. -Rishit Dwivedi

      Is there any Indian

    70. Random Girl

      1:41:27 that literally happened on Home Alone

    71. Brittany Gale

      1:03:08 remember when pewds said what is he going to use the chalice for? If you look closely one of them is missing in the far left. It's the place we're pewds has to put all the flasks. I have great spotting skills. 😄 It's the thing that pewds found in beneviento's grave. I think he said someone along the lines of "What the h3ll am I gonna with the ...." I believe that was last episode, anyway he ended up selling it. It was the beneviento treasure. Berenchario's chalice, I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure it could've gone there or the other chalice is there I just can't see it, otherwise it could've just been some added details in the game, for one of them to naturally be missing.

    72. ram kishan

      Can someone tell me about this game, that what's the name of this game.

      1. Cameron Bowen-Humphreys (Rogue Demon)

        Resident Evil Village

    73. Reicha

      "Fire in the hoole! ... >:) Fire in the hooole *agaain* ! :D Nuh, get off me! Dx" (33:16-33:24) I don't know if it's the contrast between the jaded gamer sort of monotone of his english and the exaggerated sing-song as he breaks into _Göteborska_ . Or the fact that said glee accompanies a *bomb* - But it just gets me. x''D

    74. Pavle Games777

      1:48:53 SAS

    75. AceLT

      that title is just 😩👌✨

    76. Krystal Long

      The abrasive mice structurally stamp because dragon conspicuously visit across a faint fair rhythm. piquant, lethal rail

      1. Cameron Bowen-Humphreys (Rogue Demon)

        Ahhhh, loquacious!

    77. Maria MagdalenaB

      I cannot believe that the developers didn’t expected us, the players to like he is so cool.

    78. musiclover

      So many trolls in the chat lol

    79. Gabs Zarella


    80. Tiffany Yuuki

      Jacksepticeye skull so rare LOLOLOL

    81. Артем Бровченко

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    82. Bimo Pratama

      2:06:40 Heisenberg : So i need Power Vergil : observe

    83. Paula Smith

      PewDiePie: shoots electric coils sending zombie flying straight twords him😂 then says ahh that worked😂😂

    84. Weettt

      i actually got a rash just by the elbow the minute he said 'i hope u get rashes on your elbow and stuff XDD

    85. Maria MagdalenaB

      We need a whole game like “ The adventures of Heinsenberg “

    86. PanosHusky

      So much lighting in your face man jeez

    87. itsmekael🥬

      Its all fun and games when the duke is the last boss

    88. Sanju Gupta

      Tu chutia hai sala

    89. zakoiya

      People who would have worked something out with Heisenberg ⬇️

    90. alix

      Felix: “We’re at the part of the game where it’s just not scary anymore..” Also Felix *has been completely unfazed by literally everything in this entire game*

    91. Shiro gane

      I can imagine Heisenberg played by Nic cage

    92. CrazyGaming

      1:55:09 nice little jumpscare

    93. UnikornKitty The 3rd

      "I dont think that was a reference" meanwhile it literally says "alcina d"

    94. wow


    95. Ani la

      I died at the „Guglielmos“ Plate Part 💀😂

    96. Maximagine

      Will someone tells him they are all werewolves?

    97. Tan

      To me Heisenberg will always be W.W.

    98. Karol Arriaga

      I'm here just for Felix pronouncing Lycan like Leeh-can 😭

    99. Grogu

      Best part was were I shut a cabinet loudly and pewds commented on a loud noise in game

    100. Kit Sune

      *pewds cant upgrade gun* Duke "sorry pewds i dont give credit"