Resident Evil 8 Village #6 / Surprisingly Good Ending!


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    1. Reina May Dinio

      finally i got finished this, and i was totally cried at the end of the story 😥 i was watching this exact at the date of father's day 😥 and this story tells how great our father was, they must be our heroes 😇

    2. Ventus Vanitas

      Play Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered.

    3. Amir Oraby

      Your on ps5

    4. DemolitionEagle -Top 10

      someone has to say it, i know he was playing on a console but damn he sucked at playing the game, it was painful to watch lol

    5. Richard Mängelmann

      Damn, now im actually exited for the next part! Such a good ending, I even cried a little But I gotta say she does look a lot like Miranda with the blond hair...

    6. Riash Joga

      Now this is how you kill off the main father figure, with respect.

    7. Kalle Soininen

      I just really wanna thank you bcus i just broke up with my gf and i have been very down and lowkey sad, but your content has helped me get thru day just a little bit better! So thanks pewds.

    8. Mr BM Gaming


    9. BADIS

      Im literally screaming at 56:18 why the F do you tilt it all the way??? The thing is almost vetical, no wonder the ball just jumps away :DD Should have calmed your tits and been more gentle.

    10. Desiree Climaco

      The ending made me cry omg🤧😭

    11. I'mmReid

      The marriage ring is still in his finger this whole time What a legend

    12. Tio Spy

      Just saw the whole series like a movie, really, it pisses me off that every cool character has to die in the end, why can't our little biomass of a great father be immortal and kick ass one more time, but okey, movies, series all have to be about accepting reality. Hope we change that.

    13. MansouR 1997

      I enjoy the walkthrough ❤️👍

    14. ZippY

      In case you were wondering, pewds played the labyrinth puzzle from 48:15-1:00:11

    15. mahshid khany

      Tyyyy pewdiepie

    16. Lorelei Dowdell

      🄲🄷🄰🄿🅃🄴🅁 🅃🅆🄾; 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓯𝓲𝓼𝓱 𝓽𝓻𝓲𝓹 1:35:47

    17. Da Mighty Dodo

      Ethan really went to buy milk...quite an amazing game.

    18. Nhựt Nguyễn

      Pewdie hardcore face again

    19. Fake

      Missing point blank target is a talent

    20. Ali Ibrahim

      Felix was litreally about to cry in the ending part

    21. Katerine Ovalles

      Damn, I started watching you when I was 16… that made me feel very old 😳🥺

    22. Radjae Boudali

      Death scene of Ethan winters so sad and touching Pewdipie be like : Can we get fish now ? 🐠 😂😂😂 dude dont even give a single shit about the entire story but is there just for some fish 😂😂😂 Man please play more games we really miss those old days .😩😩🥲

    23. Karl Heisenberg

      Miranda:"Eva,It's that miss you" Pewds:"She dipped it in the sauce!!!!"

    24. Samuel Vanegas

      Rose looks like is the dukes child

    25. Samuel Vanegas

      Gun is not OP. You playing in easy boi 🤣🤣🤣

    26. Serious Neko

      *Its really about time, SIlent Hills*

    27. Aasim Ali

      Chris gives us an armoured vehicle. Pewds : "And I get the wrench ?! "

    28. Honne Kivioja


    29. maeve lamb

      this was such a great game and it was fun watching you play residents evil 8, i really enjoyed this series. the ending was so good and ngl cried at the end. ps. this game was 10/10 loved it and the graphics were great, loved the storyline. wow rose, she's all grown up now and she's beautiful. may ethan rest in peace, such a great father

    30. Aj Iscool

      Ethan died 2 times to save his family thats love right there

    31. Jolifaith Secuya

      Damn the ending make me tear up so bad

    32. CEF

      You are the brother of Bo Burnham?

    33. Sara Vanousova

      At first when I saw Rose with something around the ear, I thought she might be introduced as a deaf character.. Which would be amazing honestly, I think making a game around someone with such a disability would be very interesting to make and could be a great experience.

    34. 00lowlit

      Heisenberg: "YOU REALLY SHOULD HAVE TAKEN MY DEAL." Pewds: "I mean I tried but the game just didn't let me, IM SORRY BUT WE COULD HAVE BEEN A THIIIINNNGGG-" this sent me 😂😂

    35. KRATO S

      Maybe theres a fish in the grave of ethan

    36. KRATO S

      Luckily i didnt watch this live...FCKKKK THAT BALL GAME!!!

    37. The Weasel

      Typical custody battle

    38. Lady Dai

      Why? Why skip the credits? It finished the story.. why..

    39. Video Nomad

      Was here,

    40. Ryku Isaigana

      While the RE 2 & 3 Remakes are great, RE 7 & 8's stories have captivated me. We finally get the origin of Umbrella, the twist with Ethan was wonderful even if it was predictable with how RE 7 went, and Ethan has become engraved in the Hall of Best Video Game Fathers along with Kratos and others.

    41. TheAdvertisement

      2:16:22 "My desires will be fulfilled!" "Typical women."

    42. TheAdvertisement

      2:05:34 This some sixth sense shit-?

    43. Dicky Prasetya

      wow this is equivalent to amnesia

    44. Nekorah Millwood

      Nothing in this is scary you are just like me a baby worser than a baby

    45. TheBigGameTheoryHDx

      When heisenberg called chris a boulder punching idiot that really got me

    46. 宥彤

      nice work

    47. Lokesh


    48. ehe ehehehe


    49. RoyalBl00d Keeper

      who else cried when Ethan died…. *raises my hand up* ME! I CRIED!😭

    50. ECNIV


    51. Evelyn Okay

      I feel like the Duke is the universe's polar opposite of Miranda, which is why he gives Ethan the weapons to kill her and her creations.

    52. InsertNameHere


    53. Evelyn Okay

      It'd be kinda cute if Heisenberg made Ethan a prosthetic glove to replace his missing fingers with metal ones.

    54. yellow masK17


    55. DarielTheGoated Gamer

      tbh im so sad ethan died he was such a good character

    56. YEET CODM

      pewds be like ah so easy he took too long

    57. Tina Chen

      Rip main character.

    58. R. A. D. D. A. D.


    59. IQOf1 #

      That puzzle tho

    60. Mohammed Furqan

      Hollow cried too much on ending but pewdiepie got a stoned heart

    61. Onii Yui

      Notice how from the start Pewds was peacefully singing "Save station, gotta love my save station..." but now it has turned into demonic screeching

    62. Seth Seth

      How does pewds have 110 m subs

    63. LeoDalty

      man pewdipie's chat is the most toxic thing ever

    64. Moosification

      He skipped the end of the children's book!

    65. Alisha Fairbairn

      Um ok but like can I just point out that both main female villains are attractive as hell. Miranda and Miss Dimitrescu absolute goddesses of hell!!

    66. Sprenzy

      You want a face reveal? Here it is far away

    67. Merg TheStupidGod

      1:33:29 i need that

    68. Hans-Klaus van Varenberg

      The sequel will be Resident Evil: Rosemary's Baby


      I believe in you PewDiePie you're the best 💪🏻🦾

    70. Black Screen

      Plot twist: Duke is actually the protagonists.

    71. Alex

      I really hope Duke is immortal bc otherwise he got blown up and died 😭

    72. Aubrie

      Dad of the century award to Ethan I’m not crying you’re crying

    73. im nobody02

      why do i feel the puzzle part :') *this is exactly pewds when he started making minecraft series-* * pewds confusing noises*

    74. im nobody02

      *A lot of people are stuck at this part, no not me because i know balls better than anyone-* *First try* :')

    75. ProGrown

      It would've been a different story if they collaborate with Ethan and supply him with their weapons from the beginning, Poor Ethan

    76. Kristo Käo

      Ethan died, im so sad because he`s my favourite character in resident evil.

    77. Magic Doge

      Resident evil 9 : the town

    78. MansouR 1997

      He’s the best and funny 😂❤️❤️

    79. cpcqp

      Wish pewds would play Silent hill 2. He is my favourite youruber and sh2 is my fave game

    80. Damn Thicc miss_UwU

      Fuccc I cried at end


      Help me

    82. Damn Thicc miss_UwU

      Miranda is a goddamn spider.... Now I understand everything

    83. JESSROCKED Channel

      that was a cringe game tbh. the post credit scene turned into a ps1 graphics, very far from the high caliber graphics intro and trailer. it's like the devs got lazy after a long day at work


      48:15 i die laughing till the end xd

    85. ⚡️ Typical Flash ⚡️

      Ethan: Kills every boss Duke: Happily sits in his carriage thing and sells stuff while his $1 customer died and came back to life Rose: ehh

    86. Monique Schulz

      Genius pewds strikes again

    87. Chloe Mousa


    88. Nino Mationg

      It was so sad poor Ethan but then pewds said:There,right there at the middle of the explosion

    89. Ali Meraj

      If re9 will sugest to kepp move this story in heroen with rose mary

    90. Priyan Sivanesan

      Pewdiepie: Is chill and able to beat tons of bosses is a single try Also Pewdiepie: Rages at a side mission about rolling balls

    91. Cronica Villamor

      1:36:24 using Chris Redfield in this game is ond of exciting and my favorite in this game! Great Job R.E 8 Directors!

    92. thehorrorlover32 x

      The closer we get to the end, the more demonic pewds save Station song is getting.

    93. Ahmed Wagdy

      re village #6 / labyrinth

    94. SsnipesEatMe

      Aw hes just trying to mine and shit. Continues to shoot him several times.

    95. John mico Bialen

      Is the duke dead too? Obviously right.

    96. Well I'm me

      Felix: I am saving the grenade launcher to the boss battle Also him: *uses the grenade launcher after trying the other weapons*

    97. IGRETRO

      You doing great, Felix. I absolutely love to watch your « let’s play » videos, play how you want to play!

    98. Jacob Cooper

      is it me or does this soundtrack give Bioshock Infinite vibes?

    99. Jessica Nam


    100. Average human breathing

      Anyone else came from Markiplier’s play through and went to pewd’s stream to see the ending?