Funniest Tik Tok Of ALL TIME xD


3,4 მლნ ნახვები3 000

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    1. Route66 gaming

      as an indian bro what he did was not cool at all cringe bs

    2. Sebastian


    3. Xtra Gaming Beast

      “It’s probably edited.” No. No he actually talks like this.

    4. Xtra Gaming Beast

      Whaat! My video made it all the way to PewDiePie :D Welcome to plant TikTok!

    5. rushikesh ingale

      He ain't an Indian pewds... Seems to be from Pakistan...

    6. Edoardo Lupi

      The grandma at the end looks like Jimmy Page

    7. Aaron H

      I’m glad that there is someone on the internet still that teaches people what common sense is

    8. cup

      wtf the second the guy (9:55) said no sound my heaphones turned off nvm they died lol

    9. X

      Imagine a future where people dont talk on the phone anymore, it’s just robots talking to each other and they could be using some morse code behind the scenes

    10. BECK ROOT

      Road to 200M Mr.Pewds🤗

    11. Harsh S

      12:49 really cracked me up my stomach hurts!!!

    12. Lasagna

      The best part about the Joe Biden video, he actually said that!! He says wacky stuff all the time!

    13. Gareth Baston

      Google cancelled that project.

    14. Hazard

      1:09 what’s the song????

    15. Gavin Honan !

      No Biden says dumb shit all the time

    16. vaishnavi bhogi

      The common thing between PewDiePie and carryminati. They both don't like tiktok😂.

    17. Link Z

      That google thing creeps me the hell out !! 😭 I personally never liked it when clients called our salon using google system… I hung up 2x thinking it was a scam!

    18. Hyago Silva

      Oiii ... algum Brasileiro aqui ?

    19. Can i get 10k subs


    20. Destiel 69


    21. memo boy

      Lmao lmao my cat says meow

    22. Lord Grim

      *“Australian Pewds can't hurt you. It isn't real”* Australian Pewds: 3:13

    23. Jacek Kutek

      3:36 best soccer player I know.


      Why do I always watch the end part

    25. Krista Allen

      You miss shots that what you take do, don’t take the do if you miss the shot

    26. Priscilla Ramírez Delgado

      pewds has the most caucasian millenial man humor

    27. Joysury Shashu

      Am sure pewdiepie doesn't know zidane or mpabbe🤣🤣🤣

    28. Sri nivas

      I’m from India that is a grate carmborde trick ever

    29. Bullet_DuDe

      I´ll try spinning thats a good trick

    30. Spicy “SCM4”

      I agree with him on the plant stuff tho, Plants vs Zombies was warning us

    31. DylanEngo7

      Predisposed talked through the card one and I didn’t get the joke or what was even happening nooo. Yes I know it’s Pewdiepie but thought it was funny

    32. Stella Kanelos

      2:22 XD

    33. Stella Kanelos

      PewDiePie: Nature is beautiful Also PewDiePie: Nature is gross.

    34. Jayden Gates

      The sudden drill provisionally deserve because cupcake oppositely supply afore a thankful vault. knotty, instinctive parrot

    35. XG l133


    36. Oh_Bluey

      pewds that is a real joe Biden clip it’s not edited 👀👀

    37. Ramchander singh

      Nice video

    38. Elite gamer

      the thing he did is carrom its a game and needs precision by putting the queen in net in most unexpected way and i think that was cool

    39. Dead Pool

      2:57 sharingan pewds

    40. VILLAGER

      I hate you pewdiepie

    41. GAAAHHH

      I hate tiktok It's just an app for cringe people

    42. David Texas

      7:12 Honesty is the best policy.

    43. M

      pewdiepie: 0:14 "nAtuRe Is aMaZinG" also pewdiepie: 1:11 "NATRURE IS DISGUSTING IM DONE WITH NATURE!"

    44. man

      Its not edited, joe biden has dementia, please dont make fun of him

    45. T1d3MC

      hope that guy finds his way outta that bush 🙏

    46. Zeynep Azra

      Gg pew now y no3 congratulations

    47. CEF

      You are the brother of Bo Burnham?

    48. Nilesh Solanki

      9:02 Isn’t the flag too large

    49. HoneyRude

      Cancel NATURE -Tseriesz

    50. King_Cairo

      The video should be titled as dumbest tiktok's video's

    51. Tylar D

      If you enjoy tiktok cringe watch the POV videos... 😦

    52. EyeControlYou

      That asian guys interview was insane

    53. Elijah Reynolds

      Lazarbeam is way better than pewdiepie

    54. Tarikul Islam


    55. Prici

      2:47 Noooo this is not him 😂😅

    56. Brendan

      The way Biden obliviously trapped his wife's hand in his mask during the cringe hug 9:10 , no wonder we have inflation and pending war

    57. Janko Bočkaj

      ice engle


      'Take that companies!' Google is a company too pewds

    59. Stinkord

      If you think plants growing is scary why don’t you take a look at mangoes with air pockets/holes

    60. J R

      God I love this channel!

    61. Da Way

      what is that "Smiley pink Box" in the back of his room? I kinda want one...

    62. Gabriel Gomes

      Manda um salve pro Brasil ♥️

    63. uncoordinated meaty boi

      The aussie siri didnt make sense

    64. uncoordinated meaty boi

      Imagine interupting someones gym sesh. FUCKIN RUDE

    65. Megan Renee

      I mean there's a feature on the pixels/androids that you can use your Google assistant to screen calls and it robocalls the robocallers 😂

    66. Arin Srivastava

      4:28 I see, so you havent learnt how we gain power in our lands.

    67. PlayerX

      Can anyone tell me what's the name of theme in 0:39?

    68. Supra Golgotha

      oyster mushrooms are a great source of riboflavin!

    69. Pluto _

      If pewds hits 111milion its the first time in pewds history that he has 3 same numbers

    70. • R U I N •

      Felix feeling digusted by eggplant with epic music in the background is just hilarious

    71. Ian Bhent

      You know its funny when he puts an xD In the title

    72. Castaway

      I watched his "Try not to get satisfied" video and he kept saying i hate nature near the end and now hes saying "natures beautiful" then said "natures gross" FELIX MAKE UP UR MIND

    73. Ralph Stephen Noces


    74. Taylor Stan.

      Joey kidney!!!!!

    75. Tacocat_gaming

      Is he playing with a butterfly knife during the whole thing??? Lol

    76. Rosmanie Bonenfant


    77. Kuks Krapuks

      Greatest mind blowing backyard!!💩🙉😤

    78. Russking23

      happy birthday

    79. DaveTB The Boss

      4:00 I didnt know pewds knew Ronaldo

    80. Caspersio

      7:07 that quick shot of the man with the mask on top of head combined with no reaction from Felix sent me more than it should’ve

    81. Kornelija Earthling

      It's so funny yet worrisome that so many people don't know it's the flowers that become the fruit. Tomatoes, peas, strawberries, cucumbers, melons, all the fruit grows this way.

    82. Sirbossman

      Do a video with oompaville

    83. Syn

      Whats the toy hes playing with? The 3 prong thing.

    84. DJKING3HD

      Basically that indian guy played carrom it's like pool but with pucks so the trick he did is like a pool trick

    85. Der Hund

      Pewds: “I’m ok with being with people in silence” Also Pewds: “HES SO SILENT FILL IN THE DIALOGUE BRO”

    86. colly407

      That guy that said that in the card tik tok is me when I try to be clever

    87. woo wee

      Closeted LGBTQ+ on June: 1:17

    88. My Name

      It wasnt nice to call the person in 3:25 an idiot, I think you could have influenced her a lot more if u presented ur opinion respectfully

    89. Wiktoria Kawecka

      Wait what did the guy at the gym say to the girl who wanted his Snapchat?

    90. insomniac

      wait did pewds just bought a balisong?

    91. Daniel Click

      who’s here from noel?

    92. Mind Of Virtuoso

      Daddy noel!!!!

    93. pøpff7

      Guy: makes fun of putin's height Russia: *angry war noises*

    94. englishrain

      Felix please do more you laugh you donate.

    95. Gabriel Medina


    96. Dulnith Ekenayake

      Hey pew, you better to watch some Sri Lankan TikTok videos. Those are the shittest videos in the world.

    97. G& G

      “F#*k you companies, I got robots on my side now.”

    98. priyaa engineering


    99. Sarah Thoreson

      5:04 “i don’t know if i wanna live on the same planet as that” 😭

    100. Jessica Marie

      "Thank you boromir" 🤣